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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

From an environmental point of view, ORONA promotes the generation of “ZERO” energy building concepts, which lead to more rational urban models through more efficient use of land.

In summary, this contributes to the sustainable development of ECO-CITIES where the concepts of Reduce, reuse, recycle and recover are applied to elevation systems to minimize the environmental impact of the activity. All these strategic objectives maintain an essence of social orientation, where ORONA defines lift solutions for people with mobility limitations and researches new concepts in lifts, which leads to the optimal solution for building evacuations in potential hazard situations. Similarly, by incorporating “environmental intelligence” in lift systems, ORONA orients development to the user and configures user-friendly environments that eliminate barriers related to fear that some people have with these transport systems.

From the perspective of economic sustainability, ORONA researches to achieve even more competitive and efficient vertical transport solutions also promoting the research capacity of collaborating companies to generate high added value products & services.

ORONA’s strategy, from Zero Energy Lifts to Zero Energy Buildings

Zero Energy Lifts

The Orona Ideo lifts have an energy storage system that has the lift itself as the central element, storing energy that comes from the lift and from renewable energy sources to revert it to the different energy consumption elements in the building.

Zero Energy Buildings

The Orona Zero building at Orona Ideo – innovation city is a ZEB (Zero Energy Building), a building with a net zero consumption thanks to the energy produced by means of the photovoltaic panels integrated on its inclined roof.

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